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Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Everyone dreams of having their own home, but in order to keep in the right shape, you must take thorough care of it. It is important that you perform monthly as well as seasonal cleaning tasks. Why do so? Because this will save your house from a whole lot of damage.

So now the question is what does seasonal home maintenance checklist involve? Although it is specific for each season here we will cover all four seasons generally.

  • Check the exterior drainage

Although it rains the most in spring you cannot to certain about it. To be on the safe side, clean up your drainage pipes and have them repaired before any season starts so that the rainwater does not accumulate.

  • Check for grout in washrooms, kitchen etc

Clearing out any grout helps increase the lie of tiles and saves you the cost of replacement.

  • Clean, repair windows

If you have any broken windows; either repair or replace them. We bet you don’t want snow, rain, sun or dirt to make their way in your home.

Also, clean off debris from them.

  • Service air conditioners/ heaters

According to the upcoming season, get your appliances serviced beforehand. This will prevent you from facing a lot of hassle. Furthermore, it is also cost effective as you will not have to pay high fares in peak season.

Whether you keep it online or on a paper, having a seasonal home maintenance list will help you a lot in keeping your home neat and tidy. Incorporate this task into your routine, and you’ll soon realize how many benefits it brings along.

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