England Team In Ashes 2015

Analysis On The Ashes Series 2015 England Vs Australia

The ashes series of 2015 is such a great blow of England towards the great Australian which struck them off very smashingly. One of the greatest and astonishing days in the history of cricket was when England won all the ashes. Who would’ve thought that Cook’s captaincy would be as valuable as his batting? The third captain, after WG Grace and Brearley, to win the Ashes twice at home fantastically. The pathetic defeat of Australians has shocked the entire world of cricket lovers. Australia performed very badly that it was really unbelievable for everyone. This has put down the reputation of Australian cricket. Australia’s innings lasted just 111 balls making it the shortest-ever first innings in Test history. Because of their debacle, Michael Clark has quit himself from test cricket. It was an unforgettable defeat of Australians by their rivals. All of the top order cream did not bat well and had been dismissed one after another.

Those wonderful dismissals by one another were truly because of the brilliant bowlers of England, Stuart broad and James Anderson, without them they could not defeat Australians in such a pathetic way. Joe Root produced one of the great England innings against Australia, hitting 134 runs off 166 balls to help the hosts rebuild from a poor start to end on 343 for seven. James Anderson’s bowling has also put the Australians into trouble. Moeen Ali another all rounder of England, produced with both bat and ball and took two wickets when Australia were closed on 265 for five in the first test. Many sudden and unfortunate things also happened to the Australians as their keeper Brad Haddin had an emergency in family therefore Peter Navill replaced him and Shane Watson was also dropped which proved to be good for England.

Stuart Broad Ashes Series 2015
Stuart Broad A guy Behind the Won of The Ashes Series 2015

The spell of Stuart was majestic, he bowled cleverly and had targeted what his team wanted. Australia had a potential to dominate the international cricket but due to their bad luck and non serious performance they faced such a terrible defeat by their rivals. Many new records have
been created in this ashes series where Staurt has made the fastest 5 wickets down by only giving 60 runs. In the third test Mitchell Johnson gave Australia hope until England reached 281 and Steven Finn bowled the hosts towards the victory. However, England has beautifully drifted the game towards themselves and snatched the ever dominance from the Australians and put themselves on the top.

The amateur performance of the brilliant players has put down the morale of Australians and because of these elements they faced a drastic defeat. On the other side, the beautiful and superbly connective team work by the English batsmen showed their intentions to win the match in any case. No doubt the magnificent performance of England has made them versatile and brilliant in cricket but still this kind of unprofessional and irresponsible way of cricket has never been expected from Australia. Congratulation to England team on the Won of the Ashes Series 2015. Such a great victory.

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